United Premier Soccer League


Southeast Conference Final: Miami Sun FC vs. Germantown City FC

New Champions will be crowned in the Southeast Conference this Saturday.
Published Jan 17, 2019
By Diego Diaz / UPSL Media
January 16, 2019 - Orlando (Fla.) - The stage is set for Saturday, Jan. 19, as Miami Sun FC take on Germantown CIty FC in the Southeast Conference Championship.
Watch the highly anticipated matchup live on mycujoo.tv at 3 PM ET.
Germantown City FC had a comeback for the ages in the Mid-Atlantic Final, after being down two goals at halftime and miraculously turning it around in the second half to score three unanswered and come away with the win.
Miami Sun FC have had its fair share of late game drama winning itsr last two contests via penalty shootout behind the heroics of goalkeeper Ronald Garces.
The winner of the UPSL Southeast Conference will look to face Central Conference winners Inocentes FC on Jan. 26.