United Premier Soccer League

Connecting American Soccer / Promotion & Relegation



The United Premier Soccer league (UPSL) is an National Pro Development (Amateur status) soccer league for men, women and youth, formed in 2011, designed to provide players, coaches and fans with a highly competitive playing platform coupled with the USA's first National Promotion - Relegation system for its member clubs.

Our goal is the promotion and development of soccer at the highest level on the Pro Development side (amateur/youth), while providing team ownership the opportunity and playing opportunities nationwide.

Our vision is to "Connect American Soccer" through a nationally professionally managed network and teams, players, coaches, fans, and business partners

Providing a high level of soccer competition couple with team/player membership support while striving to continuously raise the standard for  UPSL teams and team owners across the USA is the daily focus of league operations.

The UPSL leadership is dedicated to the success of each UPSL team owner, player, partner and sponsor.

Our mission is to make every effort to bring quality soccer to all levels of within our local communities from the smallest benches to the largest board rooms.

"Connecting American Soccer" is the vision and slogan of the United Premier Soccer League.